RCASD- Important Links

The Internet holds a wealth of information about Autism but it can be quite overwhelming to find what you are looking for. The sites listed below are focused on Autism and available treatments. We hope that by providing these links we can avoid duplicating information that is readily available elsewhere.

Autism Support Groups

Latebloomers of Baton Rouge

Helping Hands Support Group this support group is held by RCASD.


Education & Parenting Help
Organizations & Laws
Social Narratives

OCALI is offering a variety of social narratives that are available via download here. Families will find narratives on a variety of topics including the following topics:

  • Washing Hands
  • Wearing a Mask
  • Saying “Hi” without touching
  • Schoolwork at home
  • Feeling Anxious

They also have tabs for things that can be downloaded and personalized like first/then boards. 

Families will also find tabs for the following items that can be printed:

  • Stress Thermometers
  • Behavior Mapping
  • Social Autopsy
  • Wait Cards


Do you need more information, resources, referrals, or support on Autism Spectrum Disorders? Contact us!